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On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Karlie and Benzino looked like a couple of shy teenagers on their first date, which took place inside Benzino’s home. Benzino, who has started a new magazine called Hip Hop Weekly, hosted Karlie by cooking a candlelight dinner himself.

“I want to be in love. I want to be a one woman guy,” Benzino tells Karlie.

Benzino then asks why Karlie is single, which causes Karlie to go into detail about her last relationship.

“I was seeing someone, and it didn’t work out. For me, I didn’t think he was supportive of my career,” Karlie told Benzino.

Benzino was saying all the right things to Karlie, which of course made her feel like their date was too good to be true.

“How do I know you’re not just running game?” asks Karlie.

“Honestly,” Benzino says, “ever since that day that I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Those were the magic words for Karlie, who loves the fact that a man has no problem sharing his true feelings about the woman in his life.

“I’m loving the fact that a man thinks I’m the one for him. That’s a good feeling,” she says in her confessional.

After sharing his feelings, Benzino then shared gifts. Because Karlie is into movies, he gave her a film book. He also pulled out some Godiva chocolates...before the two made out—right there at the dinner table.

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” episode 6 also featured Karlie and Mimi discussing their issues in the wake of Karlie’s fight with K Michelle.

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